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Architecture, Interior Design and Decoration

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

In the next blog we will talk a little about the relationship between Interior Architecture, Interior Design and Decoration, Being the three disciplines that become familiar since they deal with adapting spaces inside a building, to provide comfort, functionality and aesthetics suitable for all users.

Very often these three professions are often confused, since in one way or another one depends on the other, but they are responsible for providing the necessary comfort, where Architecture has the role of creating spaces that will be inhabited, while interior design has the task of giving life and personality to these spaces, where a large number of factors that are involved in any design come into play: color, light, shapes, lines, volumes, texture and furniture.

Now, knowing that interior architecture and interior design become familiar, another profession arises that also goes hand in hand with these professionals, which is the decorator, being the one in charge of setting these spaces with furniture and decorative items that They give the touch of personality that is sought in the environments, using the different styles, whether modern, classic, minimalist, rustic, chic, among others, being in charge of giving identity to spaces, both indoors and outdoors, which is why currently in Architecture and Interior Design in Panama, we seek to always be at the forefront of global updates.

There are factors to take into account when carrying out an interior design, where each of them complement each other and make a space take on personality and be in charge of transmitting comfort:

1. Games and mixtures of styles: this seeks to break with what is called homogeneity, implementing colors not only in the textile part, but also in the furniture part, setting (walls) and adding decorative objects.

2. Coating: by this we refer to the setting with moldings or strips on the walls, the sets of tiles on the floors and the contrast that can be given to the spaces, generating an identity to the spaces.

3. Lamps and lighting: both are fundamental elements in all decoration, space and design, since it allows us to incorporate natural and artificial lighting into these environments depending on the effects that we want to generate, among them we have the lamps as an artificial element fulfilling the function of illuminating in a direct or indirect, using warm or cold tones, depending on the case and in relation to the use of natural light by implementing the use of windows.

4. Furniture: furniture, like other decoration elements, allows us to show the styles, identity and comfort that we want to convey.

5. Color: a fundamental element in any setting since it allows us to generate mixtures and contrasts between the furniture, decorative objects and the setting of the area.

After the study and compilation carried out in said blog where the different professions that one has and how they are related to each other are shared in a concrete way, we can conclude that every environment fulfills its function that Architecture, Design and Decoration go hand in hand and that is why them that in Panama, they constantly seek to be at the forefront of trends in everything that concerns these areas, to offer the client a solution in what they seek to have and create in their spaces.



My name is Gabriel Solano Lázaro, I am an architect in Panama City and editor of this Architecture & Design Blog.

I founded Grupo Ideas with my partner Jaqueline Molina in 2016, we are an architecture firm dedicated to residential, commercial, and urban design.

If you have any questions, write to my email

Follow me on my Twitter account @gabrielsolanola, I will continue to share information about architecture.

I wish you a day of success.

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